The Parisians are faced with challenges after the New Year.

This morning, Paris Saint-Germain will have to start the decisive stage in the Champions League - in the first round of the playoffs, they will face "Bayern" was a competitor with the French giant. It is well known that the Parisians do not have the character to reach the finals and win the main European cups - that's why today matç becomes even more important. True, it seems that Christophe Galtier's wards are far from the best in the game.

Defeats have rained

Until January, the capital club has no official games. time was not lost - the Parisians easily won the League 1, and in the Champions League, they fought for the first place in the group and fought with "Benfica". The first defeat happened right after the New Year - PSG lost to "Lance" with a score of 1:3.

Two weeks later, the second one came - this time to Rennes (0:1). In the next round - "Reims" 1:1. In the national championship, the sky was fading in front of us - if by the end of December Christophe Gaultier's students were separated by 7 points from the nearest chasers, by the end of the 20th round The difference was only 3 points.

February of Paris Saint-Germain üçü started with the exit from the ön Cup and with a defeat from Monaco (1:3). continued - a team whose staff cost is almost 3 times lower than PSG.

The result of the last game angered the head coach of the French giant, Christophe Galtier:

I am angry about the disastrous start. After our goal, we had a chance, but thanks to the counter-attack, we managed to score in the 3rd quarter. we missed the goal. It is impossible to return the 1:3 score. That's why I'm angry. We have an important match (against Bayern) on Tuesday, we need unity to have energy and confidence. We also need football players to return. With the restoration of the monsoon, we started to miss a lot, we need to find a balance. In the 2nd half, we did not hit the goal, there was no reaction to what happened. This game is not enough.

At the moment, apart from the Parisians, Monaco and Marseille are in the first 3 places, and the fact that the latter is 5 points behind the leader of the French championship is more important than the service of PSG. surudur.

Personnel problems have affected the stagnation of the club

Everyone has them - City in the Premier League after the 2022 World Cup, because of it, in a week and a half. They had to play 3 rounds and play in cup tournaments in parallel. Paris Saint-Germain lost to Lens, with Lionel Messi and Neymar not yet back in the team.

Already in February, it was revealed that PSG had an intestinal virus in some of their games - and the same Leo against Monaco due to a muscle strain. see left. Before that, Neymar played in two matches (with Montpellier and Toulouse) due to muscle fatigue. Mbappe has not played against Toulouse or Monaco while he recovers from his injury.

The leaders of the French giants are out of the main clip for a short time (and not suddenly), but the Parisians are having big problems because of it. In addition, until recently, there was no certainty that Messi and Mbappe would play with "Bayern". Galtier has this to say about Kilian's situation:

He practiced as a group, he managed the whole class. Impressions are very positive. As for whether it is in the application, we will evaluate it tomorrow morning. We'll ask Kilian first, then we'll talk to the medical staff. Now I'm talking to you and I don't know if it's going to be in the application. But if there is, then to play, not to scare "Bayern".

According to the latest information, the Frenchman and Leo are ready to play in the Champions League - according to him. and PSG will be a little easier.

Conflicts again

Look, against the background of the first defeats of Mövs. collected claims against - this resulted in a conflict after the game with Monaco. According to the press, Neymar, Marquinhos, and Luis Campos, the club's football advisor, were active participants. The conversation between the official and the football players was loud and accompanied by rude expressions. It was later reported that the Parisians' Brazilian forward had harshly criticized the actions of Vitinha and Hugo Ekitike against the Monegasques.

Ney later confirmed that there was a dispute between him and Campuch:


It happened. We did not agree with what we were told at the time and had a discussion about it. Sometimes there are things that get into the press and they spread very quickly. When this happens, we get angry. This is my sixth season at PSG and the best. We need to understand what happened. Such things should not go outside the dressing room. It's sad.

There are fears that PSG will go back to where they started. In the near future, the team was divided into four camps. - because of this, conflicts often occurred and high-level games could not show results. Many of the previous teachers of the French giant; one did not come out of this problem.

After the appointment of head coach Christophe Gaultier, there was hope for correction - the specialist was quite pragmatic and immediately started to solve the problems in the team. It was possible to avoid division into camps, rumors about a strained relationship between Neymar and Mbappe subsided. All this has resulted in an extremely smooth autumn, but after the first challenges, the Parisians risk a return to their previous positions - and this against the background of the upcoming Champions League play-off against Bayern Munich. is worse.