Trout ponds in germany

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Dear visitor,

this website lists trout ponds (trout farms) in germany.

You can either search by postcode (PLZ) or federal states (Bundesländern) or near to big cities.

Unfortunately there is currently no english version of this website but you could try the google translation.

Do I need a fishing permission?

You can translate this article about the situation in the different federal states.

The Germans in Germany need to pass a fishing test to get their fishing license if you are older than 14 years. Additional you need always a permission to go fishing at the certain lake or river – here you can buy for example a day ticket or a ticket for a month.

For foreigners there are others rules:

In Germany the fishing law is regulated by each federal state on its own. So there are different rules for fishing in each federal state.
For example in the federal state of Bayern and Baden-Württemberg you are allowed to fish without a german fishing license if you stay no longer than one month in in Baden-Württemberg and no longer than three month in Bayern. In Berlin you need to prove your fishing expertise with a fishing license from you country or a membership in a fishing organisation. In touristic regions like Schleswig Holstein or Mecklenburg-Vorpommern you can buy a touristic fishing license without giving any prove of expertise… In some northern federal states like Hamburg foreigners aren`t allowed to go fishing.

We recommend you check out the specific fishing law of the federal state you are visting.

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